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Global University Network Innovation (GUNI) Higher Education in the World 7 Report

Societies are witnessing profound changes with clear implications for the future; these environmental, scientific, technological, cultural and social transformations are presenting transcendental challenges in terms of thinking and rethinking the meaning and value of human experience, and even of what it means to be human. These challenges can only be tackled through a holistic approach involving the humanities, science and technology. Together, they must necessarily play their part as both drivers and critics within the framework of these transformations.


With contributions from 130 experts from around the world, the 7th Higher Education in the World Report Humanities and Higher Education: Synergies between Science, Technology and Humanities (HEIW7) aims to provide the academic community, policymakers and decision-makers within higher education and wider society with a diagnosis and analysis of the current state of affairs, and offer proposals that can broaden our horizons towards a much needed integrated approach to knowledge.

UNESCO Chair has contributed a Special Chapter titled Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Higher Education with contribution from over 16 authors. The paper is available here.

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