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Call for comments/suggestions on the SECOND draft of the 6th Big Tent Communiqué


Big Tent is a loose, voluntary, network on international bodies owned by those who participate – a network of networks to do with university engagement formed in 2010. The main visible evidence of its collaboration is the five statements or communiques issued so far that address issues important to societies and so for the work of community-university engagement. They declare shared purposes; and they commit to action by universities and their partners for the public good. We want our voice to be heard more clearly by others, and to increase our influence with policy-makers. For the full story of Big Tent see https://unescochair-cbrsr.org/unesco/resources/ with the texts of previous communiques.

UNESCO Chair, as a partner in the big tent invites comments/suggestions from all its partners, networks and colleagues on the SECOND draft of the 6th Big Tent Communique, to be finalized at the 12th PASCAL International Conference, to be held in Catania, Italy, in October’ 2015. We encourage you all to share your views and suggestions via the dialogue box just below this post. 

We appreciate your valued contribution!

Click here for the SECOND draft of the 6 big tent Communiqué: https://unescochair-cbrsr.org/unesco/pdf/23_7_15_REVISED_Bíg_Tent_COMMUNIQUE VI.pdf

"We would like to hear from you. Please share your comment, feedback and suggestions on the section below.”

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