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Canada K4C Hub (Salish Sea)

University of Victoria, Salish Sea

Our Partners

Our Mentors

Ruth Mojeed is a community organizer, civic innovator and communications strategist. Her career in Communications, Public Relations and Project Management spans over six years in the non-profit sector, with a current progression in Strategic Communications in the public sector. Ruth has a Master’s degree in Intercultural and International Communication at Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada.

Crystal Tremblay is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Special Advisor on Community Engaged Scholarship at the University of Victoria specializing in participatory video/arts-based methods of engagement and the co-creation of knowledge.​ She has published on community university research partnerships, training in community-based research, social innovation and participatory policy in water and waste governance. For more information about her work please visit:

Tanya Clarmont is the Director of Management Services with the Victoria Native Friendship Centre, which includes managing the Victoria Urban Reconciliation Dialogue. She has worked with Friendship Centres for 18 years and has held positions at the national, provincial and local levels.

Sebastian Silva is the owner and Lead Consultant at Roundtable Consulting, a BC-based management consulting firm providing project management and information services to public sector, non-profit, and private sector organizations. Sebastian prioritizes methods of engagement that honour participants. He is passionate about the value of C.B.P.R. in advancing good governance, human rights and reconciliation.

Walter Lepore has a PhD from the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria and is a Post-Doctoral researcher at Royal Roads University, School of Environment and Sustainability. He has worked as the project and research coordinator with the UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education since 2014.

Our Courses

    • The upcoming UVic course, currently titled “Community-based Participatory Research: UN Sustainable Development Goals for local action” will be open to Uvic students and individuals working in civil society organizations.  This will ensure a rich co-learning environment aimed to create strong relationships with positive on the ground impacts.
        • The goal of this course is to introduce students to the theory and practice of Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) with a special focus on applying the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) to local contexts.  These 17 global goals have been adopted by over 170 Nations in 2015 working towards an agenda for action on critical contemporary issues such as poverty, health, gender justice, sustainable cities, water and peace for all.
        • Students will become familiar with the UN SDG’s and explore how CBPR can be an important mechanism for bringing diverse and co-created knowledge into local action. The course will also introduce students to related discourses of knowledge democracy, critical feminist theory and indigenous methodologies through study of the literature, case studies, presentations by community-academic partners, and self-reflection of your own social location. Students will gain an appreciation of CBPR processes and methods necessary for participating effectively in CBPR projects.
        • The content of the course will cover thematic areas relevant to the use of CBPR as a methodological approach to address a broad range of issues linked to the UN SDG’s (i.e. climate change reduction, Indigenous health and cultural revitalization, poverty reduction, mental health).
        • The assignments for the course (reflection and ethics assignments, creative methods, and final research project) will provide students with the opportunity to apply what they have learned to real-life situations.  Through partnerships of the Hub, students will work on issues of relevance identified by community organizations as they are applied to the UN SDG’s.
        • The work will be largely group focused with some individual and reflective learning.  Reciprocity and mutually beneficial relationships are a pillar to CBPR, and therefore working in a way that brings value to our community partners is a priority.

Our Goals
The UVic courses aim to provide a dynamic and evolving curriculum, where students and community partners can choose UN SDGs most relevant to the partner organizations mission.  As such, our course will embrace projects and training in CBR targeting all 17 SDGs.

  • Workshops designed for civil society organizations, First Nations, public institutions or private business will be flexible in targeting specific UN SDGs as relevant to their needs. The SS Hub will deliver CBPR training through 1) a UVic course for upper undergraduate/graduate students to be launched in 2020; and 2) Customized training workshops delivered in the community for civil society organizations, First Nations, for-profit business and government.

For more information about the K4C Canada Hub, please contact the following:

  • Crystal Tremblay
    Assistant Professor at UVic


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