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Coming Soon: Book on ‘Dissident Knowledge in Higher Education’


Current global trends suggest a time of exciting possibility for scholars as critical, community-engaged, and participatory epistemologies come to the fore. In line with this school of though and through this book on ‘Dissident Knowledge’, Noam Chomsky, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Yvonna S. Lincoln, and others delve into the effects of colonialism, neoliberalism, and audit culture on higher education. They present promising avenues of resistance and show how to shape, reinvent, and construct life for faculty in institutions that serve as both a safe harbour and enforcer. Do not miss out the chapter by our Co-Chair, Dr Budd Hall on ‘Beyond Epistemicide: Knowledge Democracy and Higher Education’.

For more details, click here: https://twitter.com/drmarcspooner/status/984143587213373440

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