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Dialogue on Participatory Research, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK


A dialogue on Participatory Research was hosted by the UK Participatory Research Network at the University of Nottingham at April 12, 2018. The event was attended by about 40 people. Many among them were from the University of Nottingham and the region.  Five or six PhD students using PR as their research approach.  Several medical physicians who are working in patient centred Participatory Research on issues of health and even surgery. Among the attendees, was also Prof Sarah Banks, from the School of Applied Social Sciences and Co-Director of the Centre for Social Justice and Community Action at Durham University, UK

There were two main topics of the day: 1) a presentation by Andy Townsand, Dp Head of School for Education at Nottingham who presented a talk on What is Participatory Research based on a systematic literature review that he had done of the 100 most recent publications on PR and 2) presentation of a case study of a PR project on stress of families caring for sons and daughters who have severe disabilities.  The presentations were followed by group discussions based on questions that the organisers provided. Much of the discussion was taken up with the issues that the UK metrification of academic life poses for engaged scholars. Our Co-Chair, Dr Budd Hall was invited for the event, where he spoke on the Chair’s ongoing initiative, Knowledge for Change (K4C). Dr Hall shared that the Chair will welcome a UK hub under the K4C banner, going forward.

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