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Indonesia’s Community Engagement Strategy helps model flood-risk


Indonesia, is one of the countries who has shown exemplary commitment to Community University Engagement. The higher education in the country has been extremely accommodating towards integration of community engagement practices in the regular academic curriculum. This has been majorly because of the strong policy push from the country’s government, as Indonesia is one of the very few countries who has a national policy on community engagement; which mandates engagement practices at all Higher Education Institutions. A case study on Indonesia is also included in the UNESCO Chair publication; An e-book titled ‘Strengthening Community University Research Partnerships: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES’ [Available at: https://unescochair-cbrsr.org/pdf/resource/Hall_Budd_StrengtheningCommUniversityPartnerships_2017rev.pdf]

As a result of such commitment to community engagement practices; recently, Indonesia has been able to successfully model flood risk in the country.

Read the full report here: https://apolitical.co/solution_article/indonesias-community-engagement-strategy-helps-model-flood-risk/

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