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International Seminar on 'Social Responsibility in Higher Education' February 3, 2016


UNESCO Chair-India organized an international seminar on ‘Social responsibility in Higher Education’ on the 3rd of February’ 2016 at PRIA. The speakers at the seminar included Dr Andrew Petter, President, Simon Fraser University, Canada; Dr Darren Brendan Lortan, Acting Director of Community Engagement at the Durban University of Technology; and Dr Rajesh Tandon, President, PRIA, & Co-Chair, UNESCO Chair in Community Based Research & Social Responsibility in Higher Education. The participants at the seminar consisted of a heterogeneous group, with representatives coming from Universities/colleges, civil society, policy makers etc. The purpose of the seminar was to delve deeper into the notion and understanding of social responsibility; learn from Canadian, South African and Indian experiences and to chalk out crisp action points on how the universities can realize their responsibilities towards the society.

Yon can access the full report at https://unescochair-cbrsr.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Seminar-Report_Feb-3.pdf


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