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Malaysia K4C Hub (USM)


Our Partners

    • Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
    • Asia-Pacific University-Community Engagement Network (APUCEN)

Our Mentors

MUZAIMI MUSTAPHA; Associate Professor in Medical Neuroscience at the School of Medical Sciences, USM Health Campus, Kelantan, Malaysia

ASYIRAH ABDUL RAHIM; Senior Lecturer in the Geography Section, School of Humanities, USM Main Campus, Penang, Malaysia

DARSHAN SINGH; Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Drug Research, USM Main Campus, Penang, Malaysia

Our Courses

    • Kopitiam 0.0 – 12 Feb 2019 @ USM Main Campus, Minden, Penang
    • Kopitiam 1.0 – 12 Mac 2019 @ Penang Institute, Georgetown, Penang
    • Kopitiam 2.0 – to be announced (by invitation)
    • Kopitiam 3.0 – to be announced (by invitation)

Our Goals

The three phases span from strategic identification of existing initiatives, programs and/or interventions by various stakeholders nationwide that are currently involved to address various societal concerns in the NEW Malaysia, curating vital information through series of dialogue sessions. For 2019-2020, the three-phase Malaysia hub design can be summarised as follows:


MALAYSIA K4C HUB – Description of each Phase

(or Pre-maturity)

Jan to June 2019

Key aim of this phase is to raise and create a wider awareness among academics, practitioners and community members about CBPR in Malaysia. We plan to deliver this through the conversation, World-Café-style but made local, called the KOPITIAM series. Essentially, this shall also serve as a mean for us to identify as many scholars, practitioners and community members who can relate better to the CBPR approach into their respective existing work with the community. The series shall be co-organised and co-hosted with a community-based organisation.

(or Interim-maturity)

July to Dec 2019

Key aim of this phase is to bring together those identified in Phase I to undergo a more intensive, focused interaction in a 3-day Workshop series with focus on CBPR principles, and with the involvement of art-based teaching method facilitators. This would help us identify potential next-generation CBPR mentors, for them to undergo further training (MTP or locally) and to assist us with the hub curriculum design to mature fully in our next Phase. The series shall be co-organised and co-hosted with a community-based organisation, either as a continuation from Phase I co-partnership and/or new co-partnership.

(or Maturity)

Jan 2020 and beyond

Key aim of this phase is to be a fully mature K4C hub and to be in the position to deliver the Hub curriculum design as part of teaching and learning processes at Universities, in co-partnership with a leading community-based organisation (as a steady, sustainable partner). There is also an opportunity to co-partner CBPR program in Malaysia with the partnership of other K4C hubs around the world and reflecting on SDGs.


For more information about the K4C Malaysia Hub, please contact the following:

  • Tan Shau Hwau (Aileen)
    Hub Coordinator


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