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Martha did what she felt she had to do: Dr Rajesh Tandon, President, PRIA


NEW DELHI: Rajesh Tandon bears the intrusion with a smile. He even allows photographs. “Martha would’ve wanted us to be normal. Let us be normal,” he stoically tells TOI at his Sarita Vihar residence. Tandon’s wife, Martha Farrell, one of the four Indians killed in the terrorist attack in Kabul on Wednesday, had signed up for a project in Afghanistan after several others had turned it down.

An expert on women’s empowerment, Farrell was running a series of workshops on “gender mainstreaming” in Afghanistan for locals and government officials. It wasn’t the safest place in the world and security threats caused several delays in the project run with Aga Khan Foundation. But as Tandon says, Martha did what she felt she had to do.


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