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Panel Discussion on “University Approach to Widening Access: Opportunities in Community Colleges” Chandigarh’ Punjab 6th March’ 2014


A panel discussion on “University Approach to Widening Access: Opportunities in Community Colleges”, was held in Chandigarh’ Punjab, on the 06th of March’ 2014. The main purpose of the discussion was to explore university approaches to widening access of higher education, primarily through the channel of “Community Colleges”.

The panel for the discussion included Dr Arun Kumar Grover, Vice Chancellor, Punjab University, Mr. Ajay Mohan Goel, Wadhwani Foundation, Dr Michael Osborne, Chair and Professor, University of Glasgow, UK. The session was chaired by Dr Rajesh Tandon, Co-Chair, UNESCO Chair in Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education. The chief guest of the event was Sh K K Sharma, Advisor to the Chandigarh Administration. The event was hosted by the Ms. Manjula Rao, Assistant Director, Internationalizing Higher Education, British Council.


Picture: Sh KK Sharma (Advisor, Chandigarh Administration), Mr Ajay Mohan Goel (Wadhwani Foundation), Dr Rajesh Tandon (UNESCO Chair, New Delhi), Dr Michael Osborne (Chair & professor, University of Glasgow), Dr Arun Kumar Grover (Vice-Chancellor, Punjab University). [from left to right]


Picture: Dr Rajesh Tandon (UNESCO Chair, New Delhi) sharing his views at the event.


Picture: Dr Michael Osborne, delivering his speech during the discussion.


Picture: The esteemed guests at the panel discussion on “Community Colleges”.


Picture: Ms. Manjula Rao (British Council, Mumbai), delivering the inaugural add

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