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Research for All: Universities and Society – New Open Access journal to be launched in the UK


The National Coordinating Council for Public Engagement in Higher Education and the Institute of Education in the UK have proposed a new open access journal for all those who are concerned about using knowledge to make a democratic impact on society. It is not clear to what degree contributions from the majority world are envisaged.  Wouldn’t it be great if each jurisdiction in the global South were to have such a journal?

Research for all: universities and society focuses on research where those inside Higher Education institutions and their complementary publics have active or potential interests. The journal aims to raise the quality of engaged research by stimulating discussion about the effectiveness of engagement with researchers, research outcomes and processes.

The journal welcomes contributions from all social worlds and academic disciplines where people share, inspire or challenge each other’s interests in doing or using research. It is a forum for sharing the learning that accrues from public engagement with the processes and products of research, whether that research is initiated within academia or elsewhere. Science communication, service learning, research governance, co-design, co-production, participatory action research, knowledge mobilisation, and more, are all relevant.  Research for all considers questions relevant to all aspects of engaged research – including how to recognise different publics and identify apt methods for engagement; potential impacts arising from research; research literacies; navigating institutional cultures; recognising and valuing different expertise. Lastly, it considers the systems, cultures, literacies and technologies that support or block academics and their publics learning from each other.

For further information, please contact any of the founding team

Sophie Duncan (NCCPE) Sophie.duncan@uwe.ac.uk
Jude Fransman (Institute of Education) J.Fransman@ioe.ac.uk
Kate Hinds (Institute of Education) K.Hinds@ioe.ac.uk
Paul Manners (NCCPE) paul.manners@uwe.ac.uk
Sandy Oliver (Institute of Education)  S.Oliver@ioe.ac.uk  

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