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The Big Tent Consortium issues ‘Global Communique-VII’

The Big Tent Consortium (a global network of universities and their community partners) has issued the ‘Global Communique-VII’, as a call to action to its members amidst the global crisis that has emerged in light of the travel restrictions issued by the USA on January 27, 2017.

The news release and the statement in PDF format can be accessed here:

Big Tent Communique VII: Italian Version

Big Tent Communique VII: Arabic Version

Big Tent Communique VII: Spanish version

Big Tent Communique VII: Portuguese version

We urge our partners, networks, colleagues and peers to express their solidarity with us, by endorsing the statement. This can be done by submitting your basic details in the dialogue box below. This will allow you to join the global network of professionals, who stand united with us, in opposing such exclusionary practices by the USA.

We also request you to pass on this information among your networks and have more and more people join this movement!

Endorse the Statement
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