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UNESCO Chair wishes you a happy & fruitful New Year 2017!


Dear Friends,

We want to wish each and every one of you the very best for a healthy and productive 2017.  While 2016 has brought its share of disappointments and darker moments, we continue to be pleased with the very vibrant developments in the world of community-university research partnerships, in the recognition of civil society as a source of knowledge and the general turn towards social responsibility in higher education. The UN Sustainable Development Goals offer a significant challenge particularly with the focus on the entire world and not just the global South.  

We enjoyed the many opportunities to meet many of you in Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, and Latin America at conferences and workshops over the past year.  We will be at CUExpo2017 in Vancouver in the beginning of May and may see some of you there. Of course there will be other opportunities to learn from you as well.

We want to thank so many of you for sending us materials, studies, articles and books which we like to post to our web site.

 Feeling part of an important global movement of knowledge, democracy and social justice it a great antidote to some of the daily news!

In admiration and respect,

Dr Budd Hall & Dr Rajesh Tandon

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