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Community Based Research


This Community of Practice has been set-up in the background of the recent announcement about the new UNESCO Chair on Community-based Research(CBR), instituted with the mandate to support the enhancement of such capacity, especially in the global south. We would like to engage all of us to share more clearly our experiences in strengthening such capacity for deepening and broadening the practice of CBR world-wide. We want to focus on your real experiences; so please feel free to share documents, audio-visuals, graphics etc.

The following questions are merely a guide to focus our sharing; you are encouraged to be creative:
1. In how many institutions, formal teaching of CBR is carried out? Is it particularly located in certain disciplines and departments and programs?
2. Is the formal teaching of CBR merely a part of teaching research methodology? Or, teaching of CBR is linked to the larger discourse on knowledge, power and social transformation?
3. What is the efficacy of practice in CBR for those who receive s…

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