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New Book Published!

We are delighted to share that the UNESCO Co-Chairs’ edited book “Socially Responsible Higher Education: International Perspectives on Knowledge Democracy” is now published. The main homepage for the book is located on Brill’s website here. As you will notice, the book is Open Access, and can be downloaded free as an e-book, or a print copy ordered (priced publication).

This book shares the experiences of a broadly representative and globally dispersed set of writers on higher education and social responsibility, broadening perspectives on the democratisation of knowledge. The editors have deliberately sought examples and viewpoints from parts of the world that are seldom heard in the international literature. Importantly, they have intentionally chosen to achieve a gender and diversity balance among the contributors. The stories in this book call us to take back the right to imagine, and ‘reclaim’ the public purposes of higher education.

The 22 contributions (chapters) are presented in 4 sections that cover civic space for critique and knowledge creation in higher education institutions; decolonised and locally rooted curricula; engaged teaching and action; research co-constructed with community; and building partnerships for knowledge and society.

Find book flyer here.

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