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Public Lecture on ‘Universities & Civil Society: Partnerships of Respect’, by Dr Rajesh Tandon, Durban, May 30, 2017


Dr Rajesh Tandon, on the eve of the Community Engagement Conference to be held Durban University of Technology from today, delivered a public lecture on ”Universities & Civil Society: Partnerships of Respect’ yesterday, May 30, 2017. He emphasized on the importance of mutually beneficial relationship between the institutions, as being crucial for the development of ‘new knowledge’ required to address contemporary societal challenges. He said that the ‘very difference in the nature of the two institutions, bring value to such a partnership’. He also outlined the history of such partnership, challenges and its importance in the current pretext. He mentioned that how both can help each other achieve shared objectives; immensely improving student’s learning outcomes and opportunities in the bargain.

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