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Search for New Forms of Governance of Science Policy in Europe-Engage 2020

Engage 2020 has been created to provide practical advice to the European Scientific Research Agenda (Horizon 2020). They note the following,

During the last decades participatory approaches gained particular relevance in the field of science and technology policy making. Technocracy alone does not meet The Grand Challenges of relevance that society faces these years. Therefore the search for new forms of governance in the field of science and technology are necessary and the trends towards giving the public a role and a say through technological citizenship is a socially robust and sustainable problem solving.

We welcome this important initiative.  It is evidence that the global movement of re-examining the role of knowledge creation and the relationship between citizenship, social responsibility and science is a critically important. It acknowledges what many theorists and social movement actors have been noting for years that knowledge is not neutral and that science is no longer to be carried out in isolation from  the larger issues confronting our societies.

We encourage all readers to respond to the survey that they have created to  try to identify new tools for engagement in science policy.

We would be interested in hearing from others about any similar developments in your part of the world.

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