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Article on ‘Knowledge Democracy & Excellence in Engagement’, IDS Bulletin, January 2017


An article titled ‘Knowledge Democracy & Excellence in Engagement’, authored by Dr Rajesh Tandon, Ms Wafa Singh, Dr Darlene Clover & Dr Budd Hall, was published in the IDS Bulletin (Vol 47, Issue 6), on January 31, 2017. The article explores the various underpinnings of ‘knowledge’, multiple sites & forms of knowledge creation and dissemination and also gives an idea of the concept of ‘knowledge democracy’. The article links the principles of knowledge democracy with excellence in engagement, by sharing the findings of two global studies (on mainstreaming community university research partnerships and building capacities of the next generation of community based researchers) undertaken by the UNESCO Chair between the years 2013-2016.

A copy of the full article is available on the UNESCO Chair website, here: https://unescochair-cbrsr.org/pdf/resource/IDS_Article.pdf

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