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Uganda K4C Hub (Gulu)

The Gulu K4C hub, in collaboration with our close partner the UNESCO Chair in Lifelong Learning has had an eventful year full of community projects, research workshops- art based inquiry at Makerere University and PAR at Gulu University, webinars, and community-based research.  

Our focus has been on environment– planting trees with schools, research in deforestation and water systems and food sovereignty- a radio series and community learning cafes and research in youth entrepreneurial solutions to waste management in Gulu; and Gender- with listening circles about gender-based violence during COVID-19, and developing plans for a photovoice program in gender-based violence.  

We are proud to announce the new 2020 Gulu University Community Engagement Policy (GUCE) which mandates integrating community engaged research across the university. Our hub will play a role in integrating this. We have also developed a close partnership with the Faculty of Medicine Pharm Biotrac program, which focuses on preserving biodiversity, indigenous knowledge, and herbal medicine and is deeply embedded in the community. 

We are now set to launch our first pilot course online for CBPAR, and a few fellowships for students, community, and lecturers. 

For more details on our activities, you can visit us on 

Website: https://communitybasedresearchgulu.wordpress.com/about/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guluk4c 

Twitter: @guluk4c 


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